ARCH ALTERNATIVES - Great for small tables!

 - Each cluster is weighted with clear fishing line which gives a floating effect             - Helium-filled

 - Staggered heights of each cluster gives an arch effect                                                  - Great for cake tables, registration tables etc.

 - Colors of your choice                                                                                                    - Overall arrangement is approximately 6-8 feet tall

 - With color coordinated trailing ribbon                                                                              - 3 weights included.

Set of 3 Floating Clouds:

Each cloud consists of one 16 inch clear balloon stuffed with an 11 inch balloon.
2 clusters of 11 inch balloons are under the neck of the clear balloon.

Clouds are approximately 30-36 inces high.
The overall arrangement is approximately 6-8 feet tall.















Set of 3 Pom Pom's:

Each Pom Pom consists of twelve 11 inch balloons that creates a sphere.
Pom Pom's are approximately 36 inches wide.
The overall arrangement is approximately 6-8 feet tall.