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Please note:
Currently, there is a nationwide helium crisis but we've created a few alternatives.
Some alternatives include air-filled balloons on arch frames.
Read each arch description for prices and info.
Please call or email with any questions.
  • Balloon Arches can be made at any size but 25 feet is the most popular size. 25 feet is usually used for a double doorway entrance. 

  • Any color combination is available at your choice and all colors are priced the same. There is no extra cost for several different colors.

  • 2-4 colors can be used in order to achieve a spiral pattern. Any amount of colors can be used for a "block" or "rainbow" pattern.

  • 11 inch balloons are the standard size used for most of our balloon arches.

  • We provide the entire set-up of arches including either disposable weights or an arch on a frame which we will retrieve.

  • Usually, arches are constructed in our shop and delivered to your event but some circumstances may call for building them on site.

  • Q: How do I figure the total length for an arch? A: If you know the length you want, multiply it by 1.5 which will give you the total length for an arch. 

 EXAMPLES with pricing

Economy Air Filled Square Arch 12 x
(INDOORS ONLY) This is one resolution to the current helium crisis.
Air-filled balloons on a square arch disposable frame
25 Total Feet
12 Ft wide x 8-9 Ft tall
Pom Pom Arch
This arch appears bold yet requires less balloons than a cluster arch.
12 balloons tied together creates a Pom Pom.
Each Pom Pom is 3 feet wide with a 2 foot gap between clusters.
5 Pom Poms: Approx. 20-25 Ft wide: $150
7 Pom Poms: Approx. 30-35 Ft wide: $210
9 Pom Poms: Approx. 40-45 Ft Wide: $270
11 Pom Poms: Approx. 50-55 Ft Wide: $330
Spiral Cluster Arch
Used for 2,3 or 4 colors:
25 Ft: $250 air
30 Ft: $300 air
35 Ft: $350 air
(20 Ft: $240 helium)
Flag Pattern Cluster Arch
Flag Pattern Cluster Arch
25 Ft: $250 air
30 Ft: $300 air
35 Ft: $350 air
(20 Ft: $240 helium)
Rainbow Pattern Cluster Arch
25 Ft: $250 air
30 Ft: $300 air
35 Ft: $350 air
(20 Ft: $240 helium)
Spiral Arch with Characters
Spiral / Cluster Arch with characters.
Characters are 3 feet tall and are for indoor use only.
Add $17 for each character to arch prices below.
25 Ft: $250 air
30 Ft: $300 air
35 Ft: 350 air
(20 Ft: $240 helium)
Partial Cluster Arch
Partial Arches do not require balloons to start at the ground.
Flowing ribbons fill the bottom half of the space.
Fishing line anchors the arch to floor weights.
Recommended for indoor use only.
7 Ft wide x 10 Ft high: $135 (helium)
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