ceiling balloons

One balloon covers approximately 1 square foot and will float for approximately 20 hours without Hi-Float. If your balloons are delivered in the morning, they will last all evening long but naturally, they will get smaller. If you need balloons for the evening, they should not be delivered early in the morning. But if you absolutely need them delivered in the morning we can add Hi-Float for an additional charge. Your balloons will then remain perkier and larger. If you need balloons for the following day, Hi-Float is absolutely needed.


Other options: If you are looking to fill a bedroom or an office full of balloons and are using a smaller budget, we provide air-filled balloons that can be delivered in large bags or blown up on site quickly. Air-filled balloons don't lose their size overnight like helium-filled balloons do. Naturally, air-filled balloons do not float to the ceiling. See our Room Full Of Balloons.

11 Inch helium balloons with 6 foot ribbons: $1.60 ea.

If this is the only item your are ordering we require a

$50 minimum (31 balloons)