Centerpieces and Floor Bouquets are the same arrangement. It's just a matter of them being placed on a table or on the floor.


  • 11 inch latex balloons are standard size balloons.

  • The heights of our balloon centerpieces are arranged so that they are not blocking the view of your guests across the table.

  • Any color combination is available with latex balloons.

centerpieces / floor bouquets

half pom-pom's

HALF POM-POM's consist of 6 balloons tied to each other and attached with wide ribbons.

For outdoors, this is more durable than individual balloons because each balloon isn't blowing in different directions with breezy or windy conditions. $17 ea

  • Attached to a latex balloon sand weight.   

  • Any color combination available.                

  • Standard height is approximately 7-8 feet.