balloon garlands

  • Balloons arranged in a bubbly fashion with a combination of balloon sizes.

  • Constructed on a disposable base plate and frame using the colors of your choice.

As beautiful, as balloons can look in outdoor photos, we do NOT build outdoor garlands.

For the easiest pricing and description for balloon garlands, please refer to the following information.

Balloon Garlands are custom made and custom sized for many different sized tables, ceilings , tables, etc.  
Quoting prices by viewing previously made garlands from other balloon companies is difficult and confusing especially when every garland is it's own unique size.
We've tried to simplify the pricing process by offering you with standard sizes that fit most banquet halls, homes and tables so you can have a clear price for our product.
The ideas and innovation of balloon garlands nowadays are endless. So we've tried to simplify it even more by NOT using glitter, confetti, metal flake or feathers inside balloons. We also don't use greenery or flowers. Our garlands consist of latex balloons including the newest CHROME latex balloon and ORBZ mylar balloons which look like metal and double stuffed balloons in order to achieve several shades of the same color.

As beautiful, as balloons can look in outdoor photos, we only build INDOOR garlands.

  • For efficiency, we only build balloon garlands that do not require ladders or being attached to or ceilings.

  • Easy set up and tear down with our disposable simple shaped frames.

  • Construction is done at our shop so it can be delivered and set up quickly and efficiently.


economy garland

Our Economy Garland is our most affordable garland using different sized latex balloons.

We build the garland to the length of your choice and deliver to you.

Customer simply installs this garland with a few lengths of fishing line that we provide.

The balloons in this garland do not have confetti, metal flake, or feathers inside balloons or double stuffed balloons.

  • Any colors of your choice.

  • As many colors as you want.

  • Can be easily bent or shaped.​

10 feet: $100

12 feet: $120

14 feet: $140

15 feet: $150

20 feet: $200