Need to decorate on a budget?


Let us deliver an already made Balloon Garland in any size and color you desire!

  • Installing your Balloon Garland is easy and simple!

  • We'll provide you with a garland created on mono filament line (fishing line) that you can attach to your own wall or surface.

  • You can use the garland in a straight line or you can bend it into the shape you desire. 

  • Choose as many colors as you'd like from our Color Chart. If you don't see a color you like let us know. We can double-stuff balloons in order to achieve a custom color.

  • We use sizes ranging from 5 to 11 inches in latex balloons in any color combination you'd like.

  • Balloon Garlands are air-filled so they will well past a 24 hour period when used indoors unlike helium balloons.

  • Using garlands outdoors is not recommended because of oxidation and wind factors.

  • Delivered in a large plastic bag so they will remain shiny and protected until you are ready to decorate.

  • Can be transported in a standard size S.U.V. vehicle.

  • We will also provide you with extra fishing line for hanging purposes. 

  • Frames or stands are not included.

       "Garlands-To-Go" Prices:

        8 feet: $72      
      10 feet: $90
      12 feet: $108
      14 feet: $126
      16 feet: $144

      18 feet: $162

      20 feet: $180

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