The following balloon image graphics are for balloon companies to purchase.

Balloon Image Graphics

  • The following 100+ images are for sale to purchase digitally. 

  • Each balloon category shows several images.

  • All purchased images will include your company logo or name, city and state over them.

  • Images will be emailed to you in the form of jpegs only. Each image will be it's own image.

  • Payment can be made with a credit card, Venmo or Paypal.

  • Sales tax does not apply.

  • The red text under each image will not appear on your images.

  • Email us your logo. 

  • Your company logo or name will be placed over the actual balloon graphics. (We will not sell any of the images without a logo or company      name overlaying the images).

  • We will show you one example of how your name will appear over a sample image and ask for your approval. Once it’s approved, we will add   your name or logo to all purchased images and email to you in the form of jpegs when completed. 

  • After your approval, all sales will be final.

  • We are restricting the purchase and use to any other balloon company or company that intends on selling balloon arrangements or balloon décor within 75 miles of "Balloons Are Up" of Sacramento.

  • Prices are subject to change.

Q's and A's:

Q: What happens when a company wants to buy the images to use in their town, and they ask not to sell the images to anyone else in the same town?

A: The images are for sale for any other balloon company who wishes to purchase them. You wouldn't ask your balloon distributor to limit sales to           only you in your town, would you? Same goes for our images. 

Q: What about a company that has three branches in different cities. Can they buy one set of images for one of those cities, then give those images

     to the branches in the other cities, without paying any more for them?

A: No, only one company/entity is allowed to purchase the images. Some companies have a large number of franchises. This wouldn’t be fair to other       balloon companies.

How ordering works:

  1. Place your order by filling out the form. You will notice that some multiple items will count as 1 image.

  2. Download the pdf order form here.                                                                                                                                                                                             

  3. Steps for the pdf order form: Click the download link, download the form to your computer or desktop. Open the form and fill it out. Save the form again (this will save the information you just entered). Email back to 

  4. We will email you an invoice for your review.

  5. Call and pay with a credit card, Venmo or Paypal. Sales tax does not apply to digital images. We do not have an installment plan.

  6. Email your logo in the form of a jpeg or bmp. If you don’t have either one of those, just let us know. If you do not have your logo in your computer, we may be able to retrieve it from your website. If you would rather have your company name written in text rather than your logo, that is fine too. 

  7. Once we have your logo or name on a sample image, we will ask for your approval. Once it’s approved, we will add your name or logo to all purchased images and email to you in the form of jpegs when completed. Feel free to ask any questions. Email is the best contact:


Quantity of images:           Regular price:                     Quantity discount price:

1                                              $40                                          n/a         ($40 ea)

10                                            $400                                        $340      ($34 ea)

25                                            $1,000                                     $800      ($32 ea)

50                                            $2,000                                     $1,500   ($30 ea)

75                                            $3,000                                     $2,100   ($28 ea)

100                                          $4,000                                     $2,600   ($26 ea)

106                                          $4,240                                     $2,756   ($26 ea)

                                              Prices subject to change

All images created by David Gully 2019 copyright ©

All images created by David Gully 2019 copyright ©