• Balloon Kites are great for both indoor and outdoor functions.

  • They're a big hit when trying to attract attention with big, bold blocks of color allowing you to fill the sky with color.

  • Our kites are meant to go with the wind rather than against it.

  • Colors of your choice.


       Helium-filled Kites:

  • Helium kites are great for flying high above designated areas to attract attention with their colorful, flowing ribbon streamers.

  • Attached with monofilament line and made to any length.

  • Also great for 3 day indoor trade shows and events.


       Air-filled Kites:

  • Air kites are attached to poles that need to last several days or weeks in indoor areas by attaching to a fixed fence, tent or placed on stands.

  • 8 or 10 foot poles are the most common size poles used for Balloon Kites.

  • Height example: The top of the pole starts right underneath the top balloon.

balloon kites

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